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NAVEEK—1993 Artist of the Year

George Tsouhlarakis (NAVEEK) headshot imageNamed Artist of the Year 1993, by the Indian Arts and Crafts Association, Naveek is an extraordinary master jeweler by any standard. He uses Naveek, his professional name, to honor both his Navajo and Greek heritage.

Naveek was born at Fort Defiance, Arizona, and raised in the area west of Standing Rock on the Navajo Reservation, in the community of Gallup, New Mexico. His grandfather, Tom A. Lewis, a Navajo medicine man and traditional silversmith, greatly influenced Naveek’s interest in art and taught Naveek essential skills. While this exposure to his Navajo culture has certainly been a major influence, Naveek also credits his Greek ancestry for his creativity.

In Naveek’s superb jewelry there is a strong sense of harmony and balance between traditional and contemporary concepts. He searches for new approaches and unique styles, and attends to minute details to ensure a flawless finish for each piece.

A fine example of this attention to detail is the way his bracelets conform to the wearer’s wrist. He describes the shape as a comfort curve—a design that fits in such a way, there is no movement restriction of the hand or wrist.

His complex channel-inlay style has evolved over twenty-five years into award-winning designs sought by collectors worldwide and has been featured in galleries throughout the country.

His respect for the culture of the Old Ways and his intrinsic love of nature are translated into subtle yet striking elegance through the use of silver or gold, precious and semi-precious gemstones, and his notable intricate starburst design.

One of the singular features of a Naveek bracelet is the stampwork on the inside, which may be either traditional in design or representative of mountain wildflowers. Often asked about the significance, the answer can be found in Navajo belief.

“An individual’s outer beauty is immediately apparent and easily taken for granted. Only if you take the time to learn about the person can you discover and appreciate the internal beauty that lies within, that sets each person apart, and makes each of us special.”

So it is with each piece, the internal design adds to the uniqueness and beauty of the art.

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